E-mail Problems

These are some common causes and corrections for e-mail problems

Not receiving e-mail through one or more e-mail accounts

Most issues with being unable to receive e-mail are quota-related: either the e-mail account has reached its quota or the hosting account has reached its quota.

Problem Correction
The affected mailbox has reached its quota. No mail can be delivered if the mailbox is full. Note that mailbox usage includes all folders under the e-mail account including the In-box, any user-created mail folders created using Webmail, the Webmail Sent mail folder, and the Spam box (if enabled).
  • Delete old mail messages in the In-box or messages with large attachments in the In-box using Webmail to free-up some space. This will allow your POP3 e-mail client to download messages again.
  • Increase the mailbox quota in cPanel
The hosting account has reached its quota. No mail can be delivered to ANY mailbox if the hosting package has reached its limit. Remember that e-mail counts in the calculation of available storage for your hosting account.
  • Delete unneeded files from the hosting account
  • Delete old mail or some messages with large attachments using Webmail
  • Have your hosting plan increased to the next larger size
The server's firewall has blocked your IP address because of three successive unsuccessful log-in attempts. One way to confirm this is to view your website with your web browser. If you are being blocked by the firewall you will not be able to see your website either. Go to to determine your IP address and call or e-mail (from another e-mail account) the IP address so we can unblock it in the firewall.

Unable to send e-mail from an e-mail account

Most issues with being unable to send e-mail are related to client e-mail set-up issues.

Problem Correction
Outlook reports that sending mail fails with an undeliverable notice. The error message indicates an error 503 (No valid recipient/recipient must precede data). Ensure that your e-mail client is set to authenticate prior to sending. See E-mail Client for set-up information.
You cannot send e-mail and receive an error message such as 'an unknown error has occurred'. Please verify your e-mail client settings. See E-mail Client for set-up information.