FTP Information


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to transfer files between two computers over a TCP/IP network, such as the Internet. Using FTP, you can transfer files in ASCII, or binary, depending on the type of file your are transferring. When using FTP, usernames and passwords are transmitted as text, allowing others to capture the FTP log-in information and gain access to the hosting account. FTP is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your use. Each account has its own dedicated FTP space.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a secure replacement for FTP that uses SSH (Secure Shell) to encrypt data transmission and authenticate the client. Because usernames and passwords are encrypted, the FTP log-in information is kept secure.

SFTP Access Settings

Please do not use FTP to avoid security issues with your hosting account.

Protocol: SFTP
SFTP Address:
Port: 91
Root Directory: public_html

FTP Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer files to my site with SFTP?

We recommend the following free FTP clients for windows. All support SFTP.

  • FileZilla
  • WS_FTP (the Light Edition is free for non-commercial use)

We recommend the following free FTP Clients for Macintosh. All support SFTP.

  • FileZilla
  • Transmit

What folders should I use when I upload my files?

When using an FTP client to upload your files, you should upload to the folder public_html or the www folder. The contents of these two folders will be the same no matter which you choose. You can create subdirectories under the main folder if you wish.

What are those files doing in my directory? I didn't put them there!

Certain directories are created when your hosting account is created. These may include catalogs, cgi, etc, mail, public_ftp, public_html, tmp, and www. These folders contain other files and programs that are needed to run certain items for your domain. In addition, some FTP programs create history files on the server.

I can't move out of the / directory. Why not?

For security purposes, you cannot move out of the root folder of your own domain.

Can I use Anonymous FTP to allow others to upload files to my website?

Anonymous FTP allows others to upload or download files to your FTP space without allowing them access to the files that make up your site. Each domain account comes with anonymous FTP capabilities, however, this option is not turned on by default.

To enable Anonymous FTP for your domain:

Log-in to your control panel at Click the Anonymous FTP Icon. Check the boxes next to:

Allow anonymous access to & Allow anonymous upload to

and the click Save Settings.

You can also enter a welcome messages that users will see when they connect to your anonymous FTP server.

Your users can then FTP into your domain using a user name of anonymous and their email address for their password and upload or download files.