DirectAdmin (web control panel)

Each website hosing account includes a browser-based control panel application called DirectAdmin (DA) that is used to maintain the hosting account.

The DirectAdmin dashboard can be accessed as follows:

You will need your hosting account's username and password to access DirectAdmin.

DirectAdmin provides a number of account management functions including:

  • E-mail management including E-mail Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders, Vacation Messages, Spamassassin Setup, SPAM Filters, Mailing lists, and MX Records
  • File Management, FTP management, Security Certificates, DNS Management
  • Site Statistics & Logs including Webalizer, AwStats, Bandwidth usage, Disk usage, Error Logs, and Raw Access Logs
  • Other tools to manage domains, cron jobs, MySQL databases, and more
  • Softaculous Apps Installer to install hundreds of apps, scripts, and programs

There is a link for Help in the 'Support and Help' section.